What's it like to be a deacon in the Church of England? Look no further!

Deacon Greg Kandra has posted this on the blog ‘The Deacon’s Bench’, quoting Rocco Palmo:
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‘We all ache for God, and we wait…

The addict in the alley behind the Cathedral waits:for a God who will come and remove all that enslaves him..

The single mother waits:for the day when she longer has to work 54 hours,when she can sleep eight,and when she’ll finally know the kids will be ok.

The soldier in a ditch in Iraq waits:for a morning when there are no more explosions of IEDs,and every look is not feared as the precursor to an assault,and you don’t have to bury your new best friends.

The old man in the nursing home waits:for the day he will no longer be alone,when pain will no longer be his most constant companion,and when he can once again rest in the embrace of her whom he loved.

The prisoner on death row waits:for a place where he will no longer be seen as evil,for a life that makes sense,for a time when love can be given and received,for the coming of a God who will love him.

The investment banker waits:for the day when he’s not gripped by the fearthat he’s about to lose everything,for the day when he can count his valuein the quality of his love rather than the size of his profit.

The little child waitswithin her mother’s womb:for a world that will welcome her.and parents that will love her,and a country who will protect her.

We all wait in joyful hope, with baited breath, as we gaze toward the Eastern skies in expectation of the one who rises with healing in his wings…

Exiled in a Babylon of our own selfishness, we cry out: “rend the heavens, O Lord, and come down to us!” Yet he waits for us in that confessional, ready to embrace us pick us up on his shoulders and carry us home to himself.’

Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/deaconsbench/2008/11/we-wait-a-homily-for-the-first-sunday-of-advent.html#4E6q6Opgs8KQTyFp.99





  1. I lost my little Church through constant vandalising a big loss to me and others. Many Churches closed due to lack of people attending, it is sad that there is so much apathy in the Church now, lack of interest, people get carried away with wordly things and rely more on them. But deep down it is more than that many want to abolish religion altogether and scorn it, people like us are accused of flaunting god before them even when we rarely mention god they accuse us of pushing it on them, probably we make them feel guilty about some thing, unlike us who are lifted by Jesus they hate it. Years ago when my step dad was dyeing i said i want to bring in a priest, dad was a very strong believer in god, my aunt turned around and she said “You bring anybdy like that here and i am out of here” and she was fuming as though i had done some thing bad. She had done some mean stuff in her time, this is the sort of thing we are up against people afraid to face the truth about themselves. So it goes on, i hope all this will sort it self out for you gilly.


    • I’m so sorry that your experience has been so negative Jane. That all sounds very sad. The way to keep churches open is to keep going to them and practising what Jesus tells us to do, and at this time of year it’s a good time to start. God doesn’t change, no matter how people behave! xx


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