About Deacons

About Deacons

Welcome to the Deacon blog!

Distinctive Deacons in the church of England are forward-looking, outward-reaching, community-minded and missional.  Although we are deeply-rooted in the church, as we have been since the days of Acts 6, the focus of our ministry takes place outside the church in the community, and on the margins of  church and society.

Our vocation and ministry are not well understood by the Church of England in general, and there are very few resources for deacons.  The blog sets about redressing this, by creating, finding and sharing news, resources, stories, reflections, poems and reports.  We also take a sideways glance at what other denominations do with their deacons.

I hope you find this blog useful and informative, and I welcome comments, contributions and suggestions.  Views expressed are the deacons’ own.

Rev Deacon Gill Kimber (Editor)

Warden of the College of St Philip the Deacon

Diocese of Exeter

You  can reach me at this email:  deacons@tutanota.com

I also tweet @WardenGill

Church of England website:  scroll down for ‘distinctive deacons’    https://www.churchofengland.org/life-events/vocations/whats-your-calling/called-ministry#na

Diocese of Exeter diocesan (distinctive) deacons’ web page:  http://exeter.anglican.org/ministry/vocations/diocesan-deacons/




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