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Deacon Gill Newman (London):  Today I had the privilege of deaconing at the priesting of my fellow ordinands. A year ago we were all ordained as deacons. Today I fulfilled my calling as a deacon for them as they fulfilled their calling as priests. It felt very moving.  I had wondered if I might feel any pangs of regret seeing them all priested – but I didn’t at all. Rather I felt absolutely affirmed in this marvellous vocation of deacon to which we have been called.

Deacon Gill Kimber (Exeter):  I’ve had exactly the same experience. How wonderful that you were able to deacon for them!

Deacon Chris Saccali (Athens, Diocese in Europe):  I think it is marvellous to feel comfortable, affirmed and content in your calling. Coming up to 2 year anniversary of ordination.

Deacon Paul Hollingworth (Winchester):  I also have had the same experience and I found it one of the most reaffirming ministries and I’m hoping to do the same again at the priesting at the end of June.

Exchange taken from the GoDeacons Whatsapp group, with permission.

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Here are some responses:

Deacon Alison Handcock (Bath and Wells):  Good to hear Gill. A lovely reminder of two years ago. At the priest’s pre-ordination retreat everyone was concerned that I would feel left out or change my mind but . . . What a privilege to call the church to confession and reconciliation as well as read the gospel . . . And send out the whole people of God including fellow ministers to be sacraments to the world! I also felt such joy. Glad to hear you were affirmed in your diaconal ministry.

Deacon Corinne Smith (Portsmouth): I attended the first mass of a friend I trained with and after it she said, “Did that make you think?” I replied, “Yes, it made me think how lovely it would be to Deacon a mass when you are presiding”! Seems we Deacons all feel the same about this!