I must admit to a certain amount of envy when I see how well-organised and committed the Christian Reformed Church diaconate is in Canada.  They have some excellent resources for deacons, a very good website, loads of encouragement and real vision, purpose and direction.  We could learn a lot from them!

Diaconal Ministries Canada

This is from their current post:

Diaconal Ministry Developers (DMDs) are encouragers and coaches for deacons. They are experienced in diaconal work and are available to help deacons understand their role and work out their calling in the church and its community. DMDs are available to connect with and visit every diaconate (the team of deacons in a church)

Check out their ‘Engaging Communities’ and their ‘Living Justly’ tabs too as well as the current section ‘Equipping Deacons’.  I hope you find it as inspiring and thought – provoking as I do.

Here they are:  https://diaconalministries.com/equipping-deacons/diaconal-ministry-developers/