For me,  Reader ministry was about bringing insights and perspectives from everyday life as a lay person into the liturgical and preaching life of the church for all ages.

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Now I’m a Deacon I get the opportunity to:

  • represent the Church visibly and sacramentally in the marketplace and to bridge the gap between church and world
  • baptise when requests for baptism arise out of my relationships in the community
  • model to the church and world the ministry of Jesus by engaging with those ‘on the edge’, and speaking up for those without a voice
  • empower and equip the church to make Jesus known through their own discipleship and desire to serve.

Deacons I hope can be instrumental in articulating and modelling a more kingdom-focussed, all inclusive, servant-hearted structure in the Church and thus more able to ‘Set God’s People Free’ – both clergy and laity.

I love the idea of David moving from presbyter to deacon . . . I think it speaks much about the humility and equality Jesus (and the Benedictines) modelled.

Alison Handcock, Bath and Wells diocese