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David Clark

David Clark is a Methodist deacon and a member of the Society of Friends. From 1973 – 1990 he was a senior lecturer in community education at Westhill College, Birmingham. During that time he became a leading figure in the Christian Community Movement, establishing the National Centre for Christian Communities and Networks. He set up the Christians in Public Life Programme in the early 1990s. In 1997 he founded the Human City Institute (Birmingham). He is the author of numerous books and articles on the nature of community, schools as learning communities and the mission of the church in today’s world.

David has a popular blog at http://www.diaconalchurch.com

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When all the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable are met.

When to gather the gifts of the church

and take them to the world –

and to gather needs of he world

and bring them to church –

has become a habit.


When Deacons, going back and forth,

have worn down the boundary lines

that we use to keep church and world separated.


When Deacons, leading the baptized in and out,

have beaten a path between the altar and the gutter

so that everyone will see the link between

the Blood in our chalices and the blood in our streets.


When all people respond to the challenge to live,

not in love of power but in the power of love.

The Ven Irma Wyman, 1928-2015

Episcopal Church of Minnesota



Compassionate God,
whose Love dares to dwell in the midst of us.
Be with the people of Manchester today.
Grieve with us in our grief,
search with us as we seek out lost loved ones,
wait with us in the anxiety of unknowing.
Help us to give thanks for the people of Manchester –
warm, open, generous and resilient;
Help us to draw on the spirit of solidarity
and the defiance in loss of this great city.
Be with our emergency services
in this time of trial.
In the midst of our fears,
and the fierce pain of loss;
when our commitment to justice
and mercy and kindness
is tested by death and terror,
be with us, O Lord.
Today let us mourn, let us weep;
meet us in our anger,
fear and disbelief.
Tomorrow help us be makers of your compassionate world. Amen

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